sdfdEvery guy craves to enhance the growth of muscles dnd muscle pumps in order to have extensive endurance. And a company going by the name NetMarkets LLC panders just that. For years now, they have been in this business and have had several products under flagship. Among those products, NO2 Maximus is one.
NO2 Maximus is one of the best pre workout supplements. The product incorporates three natural ingredients, viz. Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine AKG, L-Arginine HCL. These natural ingredients are a work force and helps develop physique much more efficiently, effectively and quickly. The most vital ingredient identified is L-Arginine, and this ingredient has had several studies conducted over the decades. The results prove that this ingredient manages to widen blood vessels and thereby maximizes the blood flow throughout the body. The increase in the production of nitric oxide enables it perform the activity much quicker than it is supposed to.
1. Builds The Muscle Fast – This supplement is specifically geared towards building up the lean muscle much quicker. The body receives renewal after every gruelling workout. Most of the athletes usually prefer this supplement during heavy weight training due to its increasing pace and rate at which mass muscle is built. Some of the supplements backfire when you stop taking them regularly, but this is surprisingly not the case with NO2 Maximus.

2. Increases The Strength – The boosters present in the product reduce the level of estrogen in the body, meanwhile the proteins work toward overall functioning of the system, and helps in gaining extensive strength through regenetation of lean mass muscle. Besides, the vitamins optimize and increases the system functions throughout the body. Due to this increase, the muscle and strength greatly enhance.
3. Endurance Improvement – Nitric oxide aides in reproduction of cells to communicate and transmit various signals across the whole body. The aforementioned molecule increases through continual workout sessions, but NO2 Maximus helps in gaining this molecule beforehand. Also, L-arginine is another ingredient which helps in improving the endurance of the entire body. To keep up with a solid workout routine, it is equally important to take in this supplement which is rich in both nitric oxide and L-arginine. The best part is, the outcome is witnessed immediately after the in-take of the supplement.
Disadvantages –
1. Expensive – This product is quite expensive for what it offers. It sure includes various natural ingredients, but from the price point of view, this product is not recommended.
2. Not Suitable For Everyone – As the subtitle states, this supplement has proved to fail for some. Just like any other supplement, it definitely helps out for a good number of athletes or general people, but there are always quite a few it leaves behind.
Availability, Side effects and more –
It is sold in the Unites States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. This product does not appear to be sold in general stores in any part of the country. With that being said, it is inevitable that this pre-work supplement does turn up often at some of the country-wide stores like Walmart and then some. As for online purchasing, the company seems to just offer this supplement for free trail which is a good thing before going out scavenging for the product in popular local stores.
The chance of side effects is extremely low, but it cannot be said that it is impossible. There is a definite possibility, the primary ingredient – L Arginine may lower the blood pressure in a few individuals. It is recommended to talk it out with your personal physician before purchasing this product.

Conclusion – The body building community is definitively aware of the supplements that have affect on them, and NO2 Maximus is undoubtedly one of them. It works quite well on general people who are just starting out as well. However, a few sites claim that this could be scam although it sounds really bogus. In all the likelihood, it is not a scam since free trial benefit is attached to the product.
All in all, it is a real, tested supplement you would find it out there to build up your body lean mass and lose weight. You may definitely go for this product if the price is not your primary concern.